Content analysis

Many different sources were used for content analysis, including the annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report from the US State Department, US State Department diplomatic cables, and as documents from various intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations that deal with trafficking in persons. The Methods Appendix describes these sources further and includes an analysis of the issue of “missing” cables.

Media stories and State Department cables were loaded into qualitative data analysis software. QDA Miner is required to view this analysis, and is accessible either for free with QDA Miner Lite (free) or with the full version.

Both cables and media stories were coded for reactions of officials to the annual TIP Report. The codes are explained in Chapter 4 in the book and can also be found in the Methods Appendix.


  • Scorecard Diplomacy.ppj: This QDA Miner data file contains the qualitative codes and their descriptions for all official reactions to mentions of trafficking
  • Chapter 4 reactions.pdf: contains the raw output of the reactions from Chapter 4

Media stories